About Us

The Dog Biscuit Inn has indoor climate control, with air conditioners for the summer and heaters for the winter so that our fur guests are always comfortable. Large windows in the dog rooms provide natural light year round. The outside play environment is completely enclosed from top to bottom with canopies for shade and lots of sunny areas to soak up the sun's warmth.

We use  environmentally responsible, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning products throughout the facility. The facility is cleaned throughout the day as needed, and sanitized and disinfected daily. 

Meals can be served up to three times per day. Water is checked and refreshed throughout the day. We provide comfy sleeping cots and blankets for all our guests. Please provide the food your pet will eat while staying at The Dog Biscuit Inn. All  food should be placed in an ant proof container (example a zip locked bag) with your pets name and the amount of food for each meal written right on the container.  Please include a detailed instruction note if med's are to be given as well. 


About Owner

Tina Ziegel

Tina has owned various pets all of her life; birds, cats, dogs, a rabbit and fish.  She currently has a beautiful cat named Juane Tom. Also a beautiful, gental and loving black Lab named Mikey. Tina has volunteer with Labrador Harbor, Labrador Rescuers and she has volunteered in the past with various other animal rescue organizations.  One of Tina's hobbies is photography and her favorite subjects are her client's pets.