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Socialized Boarding and Daycare

What is Socialized Boarding/Daycare?


Everyone knows dog day care is a fun interactive environment for well behaved dogs to spend the day playing with one another.  In the past after playtime these cuties went into a small kennel or cage to spend the night, this would often lead to undue stress and a feeling of isolation. Today, socialized boarding offers dogs the feeling of being “one of the pack” allows them to snuggle, co-sleep and mix with the other dogs. (Of course if your dog enjoys sleeping in their crate we will honor your wishes.) Basically, socialized boarding is like a sleep over camp for dogs. ​

Which Dogs are Right for a Socialized Enviroment?


We require all dogs who want to play/stay at The Dog Biscuit Inn to come in for a free personality assessment.  If your pet is friendly and enjoys playing nicely with others they will be able to join the fun. If your dog is shy and hasn’t been around other dogs we are more than willing to work with them on socialization skills. Overly aggressive dogs will not be good candidates for socialized play or boarding.  For the health and safety of all our fur clients we require proof of current vaccinations.

Have a Special needs pet?


We love your older gray muzzled pups and we can provide a quiet area if needed for them away from the younger dogs. We also provide a space for handicap dogs.  

Please call us to see how we can help you with your special pet.


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